Progress on panels

Hiya!  So I have another post that I intended to write up today and I will do that asap but I ended up working on the wood panel sides for Betty and Cooper…mostly, Cooper but I made some progress on Betty, as well.

I stopped by to see Dan and brought my newly purchased black pipe from Pacific Steel.  I am going to cut it, drill it and then have Dan or someone weld the rebar on it so Betty matches Cooper.  I measured the depth the pipes need to be cut.  Dan said he ordered the rear brakes for Betty; they should be in next week.  He ordered spark plugs and distributor and said might need a fuel pump.  We talked about adding a muffler to her – she should purr, not roar, I think, and the exhaust pipe is currently a little janky looking.  So we are rolling there.  Dan left the extension cord out for me so I will go over tomorrow and said the decking on the bed down and maybe the back edge of the bed.

So today, I sanded all of the panels for Cooper and then got one coat (on half of them) of clear coat – exterior grade, semi-gloss.  The varnish just brings out the color of the wood that is hard to capture in photos, I think.  But I tried to – so here are some before and after shots from today’s work.  I do love a project!

The two pictures below on the left are after planing and after sanding but before the clear coat varnish.  The picture on the right is before I took the panels off of Cooper.


Naked Cooper.

So that is all for tonight.  I will figure out how to do a direct before and after picture tomorrow.

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