Trailers, galore!

A lot has happened since I posted last.  Here is the rundown:

I was going to build my Tiny House on my little trailer (above) but found out the axle weight wouldn’t handle the weight of the tiny house.

So, I was going to sell the trailer.  I called Wayne, who I bought the truck and trailer from to tell him the bad news.  But somehow, after that call, I just couldn’t.  Wayne said quietly, “I always thought those two belonged together.”  Call me silly and sentimental but now the trailer is named Cooper and is about to get a makeover.

After finding out that Cooper was not the right trailer for the Tiny House I had in mind for myself, I still had to make a decision about what trailer I WAS going to use for my Tiny House.  I did some research and considered learning to weld to build my own trailer, but finally I decided to buy another trailer from Artisan Tiny House in Vancouver, Washington.  Patrick and I have had many conversations that have been extremely helpful and I think this trailer will make a great foundation.  It will be a 32′ gooseneck (8′ above and 24′ feet below) allowing for 256 spacious (no sarcasm) square feet of living space.

I have already had need for a trailer to gather materials.  So Cooper will be used to go around Montana and gather reclaimed wood, etc., for the Tiny House.  And she needs to look good doing so.  For Cooper’s makeover, I have taken off all of the wiring and wood panels on the sides to get it ready for sandblasting and painting. It will be a purty light blue again, with a super-tough black deck paint.  Then, the guys at Valley Trailer are going to rewire her.  I am going to plane the wood sides and varnish them.  Add matching wood to the sides of the Chevy.  It will be the nicest materials transport trailer around!

I have told myself that if I do not use Cooper after the Tiny House is built, then she gets sold.  We will see.  I have bigger plans for the future but for now, I am having fun fixing something again.

So back to the progress…trailer decisions made.

Siding decisions made.  Sue and I visited Rustic Wood Hub in Bozeman and found a delightful old yellow wood.  Come to find out it is from the Manely Barn in Bozeman.  So now, the Tiny House is officially named Mini Manley. (More details to come on that.)

Since the Chevy is Blue Betty, I did a little research.  Elizabeth BETTY Cooper was the primary character in Betty and Veronica with Archie, comics.  These characters were created by Bob MONTANA!  So now I have a whole fleet of named vehicles.  The old Ford is Moose (thanks to John for bringing idea forward!), the nice and a bit snooty Tundra is Veronica, the Chevy is Betty and the trailer above is Cooper.

The next post will be more about Mini Manley!