And so, it begins…

I wonder how many blog posts begin with the same words, and so, it begins.  There is something very vulnerable about typing words on a page and knowing they might be read out there in the great beyond by someone you don’t know.  Maybe you are sitting in their pajamas drinking coffee with their dog at their feet like I am.  Maybe you are sitting quietly in the wee hours of the morning because you couldn’t sleep.  Maybe you are procrastinating from work or school work or house work.

At any rate, welcome to my thoughts.  Largely this blog is about freedom.  Freedom of thought and a free lifestyle.  Connecting to nature, animals and people are important to me as are learning.  The blog will reflect those values.  And I am about to embark on building a house in Montana, a very small house, often called a Tiny House and it will likely be a Tiny House not unlike others.

And so, it begins.